Our mission is to inspire, to create an environment for learning and discovering; to find new possibilities and to make society changes.

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We share our expertise and gained knowledge from Erasmus+ projects with youth.


We are looking for youth that would like to join our good cause, that would like to volunteer or participate in projects.


We involve youth in our Erasmus+ activities, giving them opportunities to learn.

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We’ll be for youth well-being

Project organisations will cooperate to share experiences to improve competencies promoting and supporting well-being of youth by improving skills of youth workers, that will be achieved by creating a methodology to improve open work quality with young people and educational videos with real life stories of young people, […]
2021-1-LT01-KA220-SCH-000034366/ 948781736

“Promotion of FINancial literacy in primary and secondary EDUcation through gamification and DIGItal storytelling”

The Project mainly aims to increase primary and lower secondary education pupils’ (9-12 y.o) Financial Literacy in order to help them become financially resilient adults. To promote the implementation of financial education in primary and lower secondary education

Digital Storytelling for Youth Mental Health

Young people nowadays face multiple challenges: social inequalities are rising, social mobility is decreasing in most of the European countries; the labour market requires new skills and public education cannot always keep up with these needs. DYME project aims to use a digital storytelling approach to raise awareness […]

Overcoming Fear and Failure

The project aims to solve the most significant issues that prevent young people from starting any endeavour – fear of failure, which has roots in shame culture. The project will equip youth workers, leaders and young adults with methods, tools, and guidance to be able to plan their […]

Resilient, Optimistic, Creative, and Keen: Equipping Gen Z for Work Success and Employability

The Covid-19 crisis is leading to a global economic depression with a pronounced negative effect on the lives of young people in terms of employment, education and mental wellbeing. Even before that, they were already facing a challenging transition into the labour market and were 2 to 3 […]

Urban Garden 2.0

Partners of this project agreed that youth in general, youth leaders, workers and representatives of civil society have to play an important role in European Green Deal implementation and their potential has to be strengthened. That is how the idea of Strategic Partnership ‘Urban Garden 2.0’ between the […]

“Stop cyberbullying among you(th)”

The project aims to empower youth and youth workers, teachers, social workers to fight cyberbullying (especially online body shaming) by using visual storytelling. We have analysed anti-bullying programs and couldn’t find visual storytelling examples focused for youth, youth workers, parents. Visual storytelling helping to understand easier text and […]

“Stop Violence”

2018 Youth leaders trainings – 2018 year partner organisation “Stop violence” trainings for youth leaders in Austria

Safety, Transparency & Security

Our team

Dominykas Navikas

Founder and President

Has been participating since 2013 in Erasmus+ programmes(youth exchanges, seminars, training and volunteering work). In 2019 he established YIC and started activities on a local level and working with Erasmus+ Programme internationally. He has experience of Leadership, team-management and coordination of Erasmus projects.

Lars Wullink

Project Manager

Is 22 years old, studying the MSc Climate Studies at Wageningen University. His role within this organisation is giving his insights gained from his study and experiences from committees at different associations. Having great communication, administration and debating skills. Moreover, he will help out with getting our projects as sustainable as possible.

Justina Navikaite

Volunteer and Media specialist

She’s our youngest team member, but don’t be fooled as a Gen z representative she is extremely well developed with technologies and digital tools.

Aroha Oyugi

Youth Leader

She is an enthusiastic individual who is passionate about engaging in efforts to improve whichever community she finds herself in. She was born and raised in Kenya and moved to the Netherlands 3 years ago to attend university. Graduated recently with a bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical and Life Sciences (PreMed) from Utrecht University. Aroha considers herself a creative solution-oriented thinker and an enthusiast of pluralism and equality, who believes in African-contextualized solutions for the challenges experienced in African countries. As well as in black and youth communities in Europe.

A few words about us

Youth Initiative Center began activity in the Netherlands and internationally as an informal youth initiative group. Youth Initiative Center – support and empower youth, especially migrant youth, disable youth who facing discrimination, bullying, youth from rural areas.
Mission is to inspire, to create an environment for learning and discovering; to find new possibilities and to make society changes.

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