Mission is to inspire, to create environment for learning and discovering; to find new possibilities and to make society changes.


Call for partners

We would like to offer our partnership for Erasmus+ projects.


Every individual in our organisation has a lot of experience and expertise in different fields. We also practise fun working environment.


We are looking for youth that would like to join our good cause, that would like to volunteer or participate in projects.


“Sustainable attitude for environment”

Youth Exchanges – 2017 year SAFE was applicant organisation in The Netherlands for youth exchanges project  which was successfully implemented in Lithuania.

“Stop violence”

Youth leaders trainings – 2018 year partner organization “Stop violence” trainings for youth leaders in Austria

“Stop cyberbullying among you(th)”

The project aims is to empower youth and youth workers, teachers, social workers to fight cyberbullying (especially online body shaming) by using visual storytelling. We have
analysed anti-bullying programs and couldn’t find visual storytelling examples focused for youth, youth workers, parents. Visual storytelling helping to understand easier text and
situation. Storytelling and visuals are two of the most powerful tools content marketers have.

Urban Garden 2.0


Partners of this project agreed that youth in general, youth leaders, workers and representatives of civil society have to play an important role in European Green Deal implementation
and their potential has to be strengthened. That is how idea of Strategic Partnership ‘Urban Garden 2.0’ between the youth organisations from Hungary, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands and Sweden was born.

New Project


We are currently working on developing our ideas in to the new project, searching and collaborating with our partners.

Overcoming fear and failure

The project aims to solve the most significant issues that prevent young people from starting any endeavour – fear
of failure, which has roots in shame culture. The project will equip youth workers, leaders and young adults with
methods, tools, and guidance to be able to plan their future and apply it into reality without fear of failure.

Resilient, Optimistic, Creative, and Keen: Equipping Gen Z for Work Success and Employability

The Covid-19 crisis is leading to a global economic depression with a pronounced negative effect on the lives of young people in terms of employment, education and mental
wellbeing. Even before that, they were already facing a challenging transition into the labour market and were 2 to 3 times more likely than adults to be un- or underemployed. Now,
with the tremendously challenging socio-economic situation created by Covid-19 and the changing world of work, young people’s career chances become insecure and vague.


Dominykas – Founder and President

Dominykas for the last seven years has been participating in all kind of projects: youth exchanges, trainings, seminars and volunteering work. He has experience in collaborating with others international organisations.

Lars – Project Manager

Lars is studying the BSc International Land and Water Management at Wageningen University. His role within this organisation is giving his insights gained from his study and experiences from committees at different associations. Moreover, he will help out with getting our projects as sustainable as possible.